With over 30 years of experience in dealing with issues that impact on your business brand, Barringtons must be your first point of contact for any type of investigation. With experienced and well-respected former law enforcement officers as our key account managers, we ensure that any investigation is conducted within legal boundaries, ensuring that any evidence is suitable for presentation in any future forum. We understand that if you need our services, you need them now.  Our team are in a position to respond quickly.  That is our commitment to you.  Further, an experienced designated case manager will guide you through the process and maintain an open line of communication, ensuring you are aware of the status of any matter under our control.

Physical Surveillance

There are many reasons why we are instructed to undertake surveillance. Some of the key drivers are:

  • supply chain theft
  • internal fraud
  • POS theft
  • cash handling theft
  • contractor fraud
  • staff collusion
  • organised criminal activity
  • counterfeiting operations
  • key employees behavior affecting your business brand
  • external threats of violence/force directed at key persons within your business
Covert Operatives

On some occasions, classic physical surveillance is not an appropriate remedy.  An example of this is when organised theft is being orchestrated from within your business environment.

To meet this need, we have specialist undercover operatives who can be located within your business.  These types of operations require detailed planning and execution.  Our experience in this area is critical.

Intelligence Gathering

Intelligence gathering, whether it relates to competitors, your own key employees, criminal groups or external groups who are motivated to damage your business brand, may well be the correct approach in dealing with risks or threats towards your business.

Our methodology may include some form of physical surveillance as well as extensive use of electronic databases that we have at our disposal.

Internal Theft & Fraud Investigations

As an incredibly specific and complex field, businesses need to be able to rest easy knowing that an investigation is being carried out by skilled professionals.  Internal theft and fraud investigations should be the domain of law enforcement.  The unfortunate reality is that law enforcement resources are finite and too often are unavailable to businesses in need of assistance.

The alternative is to work with the experienced team at Barringtons. Our senior staff having extensive investigative law enforcement backgrounds.  What makes us a strong alternative to conventional law enforcement resources is our understanding of business, business continuity and the importance of maintaining your business brand.

More importantly, our team will provide findings in a form that is compliant with laws of evidence, suitable for criminal or civil proceedings.  And yes, if instructed, we will liaise with law enforcement.

Workplace Civil Investigations

Workplace civil investigations target another complex area of business.  Our expertise extends to the investigation of:

  • workplace bullying
  • drugs in the workplace
  • sexual harassment
  • information leakage
  • workers compensation issues
  • unfair dismissal claims
  • public liability claims

Again, our brief to you is of a standard suitable for presentation in other forums.  We objectively deal with only one thing, facts.

Cyber Crime

The internet is the new playground for opportunist criminals right through to organised crime.  From an enforcement perspective, cyber crime is generally ‘across jurisdictions’, making it nearly impossible for conventional law enforcement agencies to take action.

Our first response it to identify the threat and establish jurisdiction or jurisdictions.  Depending on the threat identified and the level of threat, there are a number of options.

We can:

  • investigate and report including liaising with appropriate enforcement jurisdiction
  • investigate and pursue recovery
  • investigate and negate the threat

One of the most important risk strategies associated with cyber crime is to make sure that there is no ongoing threat.  We will provide your organization with updated policy and procedures, aligned with a staff training package.

Technical Counter Surveillance Reviews

If you feel as though your premises have been compromised, technical counter surveillance becomes a priority. Barringtons offers technical counter surveillance reviews for sensitive areas, including an extensive physical and electronic search for any and all hidden devices. Every Barringtons investigator is qualified and trained to the highest standards, ensuring that every review is completed to the very best quality.

Forensic Documents Investigations

Document investigation can be required in a broad range of areas, and is often necessary in cases of fraud or counterfeiting. If your business is facing these problems, Barringtons provide a document examination service that includes identification of handwriting and signatures, distinguishing forgeries, detecting additions or substitutions, and restoring removed writing.

Pre-Employment Screening & Background Checks

Barringtons is one of the largest providers of personnel security (vetting) to federal government.  We have mapped the process that we use for government to the private sector.  Screening of all candidates is critical, especially for senior management, persons in a position of trust and persons involved with your finances. The process may involve, but not be limited to, verification of:

  • whether the applicant has a criminal history
  • personal financial status
  • credit references
  • professional licences and certifications
  • employment history

Aspects of people’s lives change.  Therefore, screening of your critical employees should be an ongoing process.  From a risk strategy perspective, organisations with an ongoing program of vetting, sends a clear message regarding their values and expected culture.




    Our services are utilised by many leading industries, including but not limited to, finance, construction, gaming, hospitality, government and manufacturing.


    We have experienced long standing teams of surveillance specialists, all licensed most in multiple jurisdictions.  In fact, our lead operative has been with the business since 1991. We provide a rapid response at any location along the eastern seaboard of Australia, with next day response in other states of Australia.

    The key to a physical surveillance investigation is planning for tangible outcomes.  If there are no clear and achievable results, then we will advise you to take a different approach.  What this means is that we are driven by, results.

    Any type of investigation within a business, has the potential to negatively impact on culture.  That’s why we will work with you to establish clear policy and procedures to ensure that the event under review, or any similar matter, will never happen again.




    Our people are the reason we continue to be successful, and their efforts are the reason we keep growing. Their commitment to providing professional, ethical and efficient service strengthens the Barringtons brand across industries.


    Because we supply a diverse service offering across some of Australia's biggest industries, Barringtons are often benchmarked against much larger companies. Despite this, we are used to setting the standard by which our competitors are judged.


    We want the Barringtons brand to represent the best choice across a variety of services and industry specialisations. By building a reputation for providing quality services, we will continue to satisfy our clients.