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Sometimes searching for a job is a job in itself. Preparing and sending off applications can be overwhelming and sometimes you feel like you aren’t getting anywhere.


Listed below are 10 ways to help you with your job search.

  1. Set your career goals. Short term or long term goals will help you stay on track to make your goals more achievable.
  2. Update your resume. Making sure your skills and training are up to date is a simple way to make sure you’re ready to apply for a position.
  3. Update your online profile. A strong online presence is important because more and more recruiters these days are searching for potential employees online.
  4. Prepare your references. References can make a big difference when landing a potential job. Make sure you get in contact with your referees, let them know you’re applying for work and if they would be happy for you to put their contact details down as a reference.
  5. Write a cover letter that ‘wows’. A well-written cover letter can definitely increase your chances of getting noticed. No longer than one page but enough info so it gives a snap shot of skills, qualifications and experience.
  6. Research what you might be asked in the interview. Job interviews can be nerve-racking so make sure you have an idea of questions you might be asked and researching about the company will make you look more eager for the role.
  7. Use your network to find work. A network refers to anyone you know or have worked with in the past. Connecting or reconnecting with people such as a short message to let them know what you’re up to work-wise.
  8. Contact recruiters in your industry. Connecting with recruiters in your industry can help improve your CV and interviewing skills. They will also keep you in the loop of relevant news etc.
  9. Reach out to business/companies you want to work for. Some job opportunities aren’t always advertised so reach and express your interest in them.
  10. Consider volunteering. Volunteering is a great way to gain new skills and make new connections while also giving back to the community.


Job searching can be exhausting and a lengthy process. Maybe you want to try a different career?

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