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Women are a force to be reckoned with in the Hospitality Industry. Dynamics of leadership are changing within the Hospitality Industry. Despite facing challenges in the workplace and balancing personal life, more women than ever are breaking the glass ceiling by putting themselves forward for leadership roles.


WGEA 2019-20 data indicates, women make up half of the private sector workforce (50.5%), yet only 32.5% of key management positions and 18.3% of CEOs. This transfers to the hospitality industry, where there is a significant increase in gender diversity at operational and managerial levels, yet women represent only a small minority in top management positions at the highest levels of executive leadership. Women are equally capable to their male counterparts and often acquire skills that are considered to be highly effective in the context of hospitality, a predominantly customer-centric industry. They are nurturing, often better at communicating with people, adopt supporting behaviours and have strong emotional intelligence skills. You’ll find dedicated and passionate staff across the industry, from Celebrity Chefs to hard-working Front Office Staff, Bar Attendants, Cooks, Venue Managers and Catering Staff. This sector is relatively gender- balanced. However, research still confirms gender equality hasn’t been achieved within top management and leadership positions.







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