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The discovery of gold in the early 1870s to the west of present-day Gloucester led to the opening up of the Copeland goldfield and the establishment of the bustling, thriving, township of Copeland. During its life, the Copeland field produced, at today's values, more than $300 million worth of gold. For the next twenty to thirty years, up to seventy mines were worked on the field, but this number gradually dwindled until, by 1930, only a few remained. Today, very little of Copeland township remains to be seen. A visit to the cemetery will provide more interesting information. The ever-encroaching vegetation is once again covering the building sites, the vegetable gardens and all the other open areas. However, of those seventy mines back in the 1880s-1890s, one still remains today.

Protect Our Barrington Tops

The Barrington Tops World Heritage Wilderness National Park is the source of some of the cleanest water on earth, flowing into the Karuah, Telegherry, Allyn and Williams Rivers, among others.

A small Western Australian company, Gold of Ophir Pty Ltd, recently applied for gold mining exploration leases over the headwaters of these rivers.

If they think they are going to mine for gold in this area, they are seriously mistaken. Make your voice heard, and get involved in the campaign. We're going to win.

Please Help! Register your opposition: Click Here.