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Dry Rainforest

The giant stinging tree is found in a patch of dry rainforest at Pinchers Mountain. Access is throung private property and permission must be songht.

Two interesting areas of dry rainforest in the Barrington area are found just south of Dungog at Pilchers Mountain and north-west of Gloucester in Woko National Park on the banks of the Manning River.

At Pilchers Mountain, a curious gorge was formed when the mountain split apart. Spectacular views open out over distant Barrington Tops and into an isolated area of dry rainforest conserving large stinging trees, red cedars and rosewoods. Their boughs hold terrestrial orchids, epiphytic staghorns, elkhorns and giant birds'-nest ferns. A short walking track extends into the maze of rock pinnacles and explorable caves under huge granite boulders. The rare peregrine falcon nests in the vicinity.

Woko National Park, thirty kilometres from Gloucester, conserves the most extensive areas of dry rainforest in New South Wales. Woko is thought to be an Aboriginal name for either the tawny frogmouth or boobook owl. The park is dominated by high escarpments and the peaks of Mount Myra, Vinegar Hill and Waikok Mountain. The park is alive with wildlife-scrub turkeys and lyrebirds are often met, scratching in the leaf litter on the forest floor. Tinkling bellbirds, satin bowerbirds, parrots, finches and wrens are common. Raptors, particularly wedge-tailed eagles, glide on wind currents down from the escarpments. Red-necked wallabies and pademelons are seen at dusk and dawn. Nocturnal koalas and quolls may be spotted by torchlight. Woko is home to the endangered brush-tailed rock wallaby, yellow-bellied glider and wompoo pigeon. Platypuses are found in pools on the river bank.